Mission Statement

The Center for Digital Inclusion facilitates scholarship, education and collaborative partnerships aimed at enhancing citizens’ digital access and information literacy, especially among underserved populations, and supporting them to engage in social, economic, political and cultural activities.

Center Activities

  • Serves as a research and information hub for digital inclusion initiatives at local, national and international levels
  • Works with nonprofit organizations, state and federal institutions and industry to enhance citizens’ health and wellbeing by offering hands-on digital and information literacy courses to people they serve (example topics: accessing and evaluating health and financial information, online social networking, and cyber security/privacy, etc.)
  • Educates undergraduate and graduate students to serve as “Digital Inclusion Ambassadors,” sharing expertise and experience with digital technologies with underserved populations
  • Provides engaged scholarship opportunities for faculty and students
  • Collaborates with other local, national and international centers working to address the information needs and challenges of underserved populations

Project Video